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Nacionalist Assembly of Lugo Manifesto


The Manifesto takes the form of a programmatic political document whose subject is the Galician people, addressed to the Head of the Spanish State. The document’s central demand is political, economic and financial autonomy for Galicia within the framework of a federation of Iberian nations, including Portugal.

The Manifesto is divided into seven sections structuring the political and institutional framework of the federal state of Galicia, administrative reform, the powers of the Galician government, the legal framework, the economy and cultural, artistic and land management matters. The text recognises the legal personality of parishes, which are endowed with a management and government structure; establishes an electoral system based on proportional representation; demands co-official status for Galician and Castilian Spanish; recognises gender equality; dissolves the provincial councils; establishes an autonomous tax system; delegates certain powers, such as customs and excise,  to the Federal State on the basis of a bilateral agreement; and highlights the need to draft a law to harmonise buildings with traditional local styles of construction.

Nation/Region: Galicia

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