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  • Ideological and political basis of the Galician Labour Party (POG) (1977)
  • Aragonese Regionalist Action Manifest addressed to the Aragonese and those who live in Aragon (1918)
  • Positions. Localism. Regionalism. Nationalism (1919)
  • Aragonese nationalism (1919)
  • Basic Principles of Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (1931)
  • The Catalan Republic (1931)
  • Proclamation of the Catalan state: Generalitat of Catalonia (1934)
  • A Question of Names (1962)
  • Ideological declaration of the Esquerra Republicana of Catalonia (1993)
  • Partitu di a Nazione Corse - Autunumia (1982)
  • Charter of cooperation for the construction of a Europe of the nations (1979)
  • Declaration of Bastia (1979)
  • Declaration of the Brussels Convention (1981)
  • Sovereignty, Social Justice, Subsidiarity. Towards a Europe of diversity (2004)
  • Declaration of Brussels on nations and regions in the governance of Europe (2000)
  • Draft proposal by Eusko Alkartasuna to expedite a sovereign agreement favouring the independence of Euskal Herria (2009)
  • Nacionalist Assembly of Lugo Manifesto (1918)
  • Galicianist Party. Declaration of principles (1931)
  • Preliminary plan for the Galician Statute (1931)
  • Union of the Galician People (UPG). Minimum 10 principles (1964)
  • Galician Nationalist Bloc. Political and organisational programme (1982)
  • Galician Socialist Party (GSP). Declaration of principles (1974)
  • Constitutional Terms for the Galician Nation to participate in a federal agreement and a Provisional Galician Government (1976)
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