This document was condensed into the Galician Nationalist Bloc's ideological, political and organisational principles. The structure and even the contents of the foundational manifest tell of the nature of the constituent process which results in the convergence of different political projects.
The manifest is made up by four parts, the first contextualizes the unitary alternative as a necessary and essential tool to achieve nationalist objectives; the second part strengthens the ideological-political principles that define the organization's main foundations, not only operationally but strategically, together with the founders' common principles, which at the same time, make up the organizational unit's sustenance; the third sets out BNG's immediate political objectives starting from the rejection of political reform started in 1975 and principally the Constitution and the autonomous framework. The last part of this document determines the basic organisational principles that will govern BNG's operation, highlighting its assembly-type character and political pluralism.
Nation/Region: Galicia

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