The 18th National Congress of the Esquerra Republicana of Catalonia was held in June 1992. It approved the restructuring of its Articles of Association in response to growing electoral support, increased militancy and greater territorial presence in the Principality, the Balearic and Pitiusic Islands, the Valencian Community and Northern Catalonia. In the first article of its Articles of Association, Esquerra proposed the territorial unity and independence of the Catalan nation, through the construction of a Catalan State within a European framework and within a left-wing ideological position which will take as its reference points democracy and the defence of the environment along with human rights and the rights of peoples. The party also chose to base its ideology and political action on social progress and national solidarity. This position was cemented by the 19th National Congress, in December 1993, with the passing of the party’s Ideological Declaration.

Nation/Region: Catalonia
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A Question of Names


Joan Fuster was one of the most important Catalan intellectuals of the 20th Century. “A Question of Names” defended the idea that the Valencia region, the Principality of Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and Northern Catalonia all form part of the same nation, since they share the same history, culture and language. He proposed adopting “The Catalan Countries” as a name which would express this national unity.

Nation/Region: Catalonia

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